Jobs are critical to a healthy community. Our PACE program directly creates jobs in your local communities, through better access to home improvement financing.
Each week more and more communities are eligible for our PACEfunding program. Want to see your community on the list? Contact us!


A leader in home improvement lending with decades of experience, PACEfunding offers the most competitive rates, strongest customer service. PACEfunding provides consumer financing to homeowners for upgrades such as solar energy, energy efficiency, and water conservation. Upgrade your existing PACE program with CSCDA Open PACE through a simple opt-in process.

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PACEfunding is ready to fund thousands
of energy saving projects in your community.
We will train your local contractors and enable
them to grow their businesses.


Expedited approvals with California OPEN PACE Program

As PACE Program Administrators we meet all the qualifications to provide PACE financing in those California cities and counties who have adopted to participate in the CSCDA Open PACE program. If your jurisdiction is interested in joining the program, please click here.

Expanding PACE financing to Florida

The available solar energy potential of the Sunshine State is estimated at 2.9 TW, about 15% of the world’s total power demand! At PACEfunding we’re thrilled to be opening up more clean energy upgrades to Floridians and bringing more affordable solar financing to the state.

Improved housing stock

Only measures that produce clean energy, improve energy and water efficiency, or improve seismic protections can be financed by PACE programs. This means that homes that use PACE financing use less energy and water and may have improved indoor air quality.


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  • If you would like to know how your municipality can opt in to Open PACE please leave us a message here.