PACE Funding helps homeowners save money on energy bills and creates jobs in your local community.

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Up to 25 Years Fixed Rate Financing

With PACE Funding you receive up to a 25 year fix rate financing plan with our respected bank partner.

Affordable with Tax Deductions

Utilizing PACE Funding is affordable and the interest may be tax deductible

100% Financing, No Money Down

PACE Funding provides 100% of your financing assuming all equipment is eligible. We require no money down so you can get started with us today.

No Payments for Up to 17 Months

If you need sometime to generate funds to pay for your home improvement projects, we offer a no payment plan for up to 17 months!

Approval Not Based on Credit Score

Approval by PACE Funding is not based on a credit score. All you need is equity in your home to qualify and Ability To Pay.

Transferrable Upon Sale of Property

Payments for PACE Funding may stay with the property.

Trusted Contractors

Be assured that your installer meets or exceeds our high quality standards which include screenings, assessments, checks and reviews.

Approved Products

Only products from our eligible products list qualify for financing. These eligible products meet minimum efficiency and other performance standards. All eligible products must be installed by a participating licensed contractor to qualify for financing. It is a best practice to install energy efficiency products and projects before installing any generation equipment, such as solar panels.

Quality Control Throughout the Process

PACE Funding project completion includes verification that any required city, county or agency permits have been obtained. We’ll also help resolve and disputes that may arise after work has been completed.

Eligible Projects

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