Looking for a PACE energy program home improvement loan in California or Florida? Then you have come to the right place. At PACE Funding Group, we pride ourselves in offering these loans to homeowners, commercial building owners, communities and contractors.


About Us

PACE Funding Group is a tech startup concentrating on renewable energy, water conservation and energy efficiency funding. We have partnered with established financial institutions to provide unique PACE energy loans to people who might need them in California or Florida.


The best way to find out more about PACE energy financing, is to sign up for our amazing loans and discounts on energy related products. If for instance, you are in a location where the sun shines most days, we can provide you with funding to get solar panels.


About PACE Financing

Essentially, PACE is a program that focuses on clean energy. It stands for a Property Assessed Clean Energy and provides funding for energy efficient retrofits, solar systems and other gadgets that will improve your energy consumption in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Through our PACEfunding financing solutions, we will offer you a loan and you can pay it back slowly depending on the terms of the loan.


Through our PACE program, you will have a simple and effective solution to financing your water conservation, renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades to your home or commercial building. PACEfunding will pay for new insulation, water pumps, solar panels, lighting improvements and modifications, and heating and cooling systems, among others.


Property owners across California or Florida are using the PACE energy program to get additional funding, beyond bank loans. When you sign up for financing from PACEfunding, you will be able to add to the value of your home while saving tons of money on interest.


The program will pay for 100 percent of all the costs you incur to make your building and/or home more energy efficient. Additionally, we have very generous and lenient repayment terms, where you can even take up to 20 years to pay the loan.


Similarly, the equipment paid for through your PACEfunding may stay with the building even if you sell it. In this way, people enjoying the benefits of the solar water or energy efficiency amenities are the ones paying for it.


The aim of PACE projects is to protect the environment, promote economic development and create jobs across California or Florida. Therefore, you can be sure that when you get your PACE energy program financing instead of a home improvement loan in California or Florida, you will be contributing towards a greener, more equal, and prosperous world.



Nearly 75 percent of the electricity generated and half the energy consumed in California or Florida is used to light, cool, heat and operate buildings. Since most of the energy so consumed is created by burning fossil fuels, reducing its consumption will depend on how well everyone learns how to reduce their energy requirements.


Through our PACEfunding program, we can all overcome the challenges that previously hindered the adoption of greener and energy efficient solutions to these problems. Our PACE energy program home improvement loan for California or Florida  helps solve the upfront cost concerns and barriers you might have faced earlier when thinking about upgrading your home. We will provide you with 100 percent funding to cover the costs of the project. After that, you can take your time in repaying the loan.


This way, our PACEfunding program will make long payback projects cash flow positive instantly, your buildings more valuable, and your energy use more sustainable for the environment. Additionally, if you are a contractor, you can sign up for our loans and have an easier time landing customers.


How It Works

As a company, we have partnered with a financier who provides the funding we lend out to you. Our PACE energy program home improvement financing for California or Florida goes through several stages from application through to approval and monitoring. These include:


  1. a) Partnering

We have partnered with a widely known financier to get the funding that will be used to provide you with a loan.


  1. b) Application

After you apply and your loan is approved, we will evaluate your site for energy efficiency, water conservation and solar power improvements.


  1. c) Quotation

After the evaluation, we will give you a quote. As the property owner, you can then apply fully for the PACE energy program home improvement loan California or Florida. You might also be required to pay a small fee to cover the cost of the administration. This fee was put in place to discourage frivolous applications.


  1. d) Approval

Once approved, we will provide you with your PACEfunding loan. You can then install your new energy efficiency products or solar energy system and we will directly pay the company or contractor who did the installation. This simply means that you do not have to deal with any upfront costs.


  1. e) Repayment

Now that your home and/or commercial building is more energy efficient, you will be able to cut down on your energy bills, and on the amount of energy your property consumes. You can, thereafter, start servicing the PACE energy program home improvement assessment depending on the terms and conditions of the financing.


The great thing about PACEfunding is that we offer very competitive interest rates and repayment terms. Therefore, you should be able to cover the servicing of the loan easily, efficiently and without feeling a pinch in your pockets.


In case you sell the property later, the newly installed solar, or energy efficient equipment will go along with it. The new owner assumes the payments moving forward.


Why Enroll with PACEfunding for your PACE project?

What do you stand to gain when you borrow for a PACE energy program home improvement loan in California or Florida? What benefit will you derive once your PACEfunding loan has been approved and your home made more energy efficient? Read on to find out:


  1. Cost Savings

As a property owner, you probably focus more of your attention on water and energy conservation. You understand what both of these two imply for your pocket, and for the future of the globe.


By signing up for a PACEfunding energy home improvement loan California or Florida, you will be able to save a great deal of money because the equipment you receive will lower your energy costs and expenditure. Similarly, the fact that you can repay the loan over a long period of time means that your projects will be cash flow positive the moment you start using the equipment bought using the PACE funding.


  1. Jobs

All projects that are funded through our PACEfunding program are designed to create more economic activity and jobs. According to an ECONorthwest study from 2011, every PACE project that costs $1M results in $2.5 million in economic output and 15 new jobs.


  1. Environmental Conservation

Our PACE energy program will help you achieve important water and energy conservation goals. The efficiency projects will also upgrade your old equipment. In the process, we will collectively reduce the use of energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions considerably and replace fossil fuels.


Applying for PACE Energy Loan

Interested in applying for a PACE energy program home improvement loan in California or Florida today? We at PACE Funding Group are more than willing to guide you through the following steps:


  1. a) Framework

After the US Federal government passed laws enabling the financing of PACE loans, you can now sign up with us to receive PACEfunding to finance your PACE home upgrade project. Remember, signing up is completely voluntary.


  1. b) Framework

Our highly trained and qualified PACEfunding service providers will help you select those energy efficiency upgradable projects that make the best business and environmental sense.


  1. c) Financing

Our PACE energy program home improvement professionals will then process your application, qualify certain project and provide you with the financing you will require. The extra charges, e.g. for assessment, will be added to your monthly paycheck.


Eligibility for PACE Financing through California or Florida PACE program

At PACEFunding, the speed at which you will receive your loan will depend on a number of factors, including but not limited to:


  1. Eligible Properties

Almost all buildings are eligible to receive PACE energy program home improvement loans. This includes garages, warehouses, not-for-profits, retail properties, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, office and homes, among many others.


  1. Eligible Improvements

All improvements, including energy generation, energy efficiency, and water conservation qualify automatically for funding from us.


However, eligibility might vary from one location to another. This is why we still insist that you try get in touch with your local administration for more information on PACE energy program home improvement loan California or Florida. Such a listing will also offer you a list of eligible improvements and properties.


PACE Energy Home Improvement Loan in California or Florida


Our PACEfunding programs include, but are not limited to:

  1. a) Residential PACE

Currently, energy efficiency is the least you can do to improve your power consumption. Homeowners have been relying on this service to upgrade their conditioning and heating system, improve weather sealing. As an effective financing tool, we will use it to

– Cover all arising and costs of the home upgrade project

– Help you save money more in the long term

– Improve the environment

– Lower your carbon footprint

– Lower your water, electric and gas utility bills

– Provide you with more comfortable buildings

– The loan will stay with the property after sale

– You get improved indoor air quality


PACEfunding for Homeowners

PACEfunding has finally provided you with a smarter path to sustainability and energy efficiency. Our financing program will provide you with the upfront funding you need for water saving, renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements in your home.


All you have to do is apply for the PACE energy program home improvement loan in the state where you reside, either California or Florida, complete your project and start repaying the loan on your property taxes for a number of years. At PACEfunding, we will allow you to save energy and money in specific energy aware ways that benefit you, your household and your community in the long run.


Why Choose Us

Why do homeowners and commercial buildings choose our PACEfunding energy program home improvement loan California or Florida? For the following reasons:

– 100% financing

– The balance may be transferred to the new owners if you decide to sell

– The financed amount will now show on your credit report

– The financing will add value to your property

– The loan does not impact on your future debt-to-income ratio

– There are no prepayment penalties

– We have fast approvals

– We provide flexible repayment terms from 5 to 25 years

– We provide free re-amortization

– You can borrow up to 15 percent of the value of your property  

– You do not have to spend anything out of your own savings
In case you would like more information about the PACE program, or if you are looking to apply for a PACE energy program home improvement loan California or Florida, please get in touch with us today. We will walk you through our PACEfunding products and show you how they will benefit you both in the short term and the long term.

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